responsible junk disposalResponsible junk disposal is our commitment to segregate and re-purpose recyclable junk (metal, wood, waste electrical and electronic equipment, and others) in an effort to reduce environmental impact and minimize waste that goes to the landfills. 1-844-JUNK-RAT has huge respect towards the environment.

We are a family-based, professional junk removal service that takes all the crucial steps to save as much junk as we can from polluting the landfills. Not only to preserve the ecosystem, but also to remain true to our mantra, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. To execute this, we do our absolute best to recycle most of the junk we carry. In fact, our dedicated recycling center is recycling over 60% of items every year.

Once 1-844-JUNK-RAT leaves your home or workplace clean and free of junk, it is our responsibility to give you peace of mind, knowing that your trash is in good hands.

As part of our “green” commitment, we strongly encourage our professional junk haulers to do the following:

We give away tips and techniques to our clients on how to reduce trash as much as possible. One example method is by using rechargeable batteries instead of standard disposable batteries. Buying products with bigger packaging is also an excellent route.
Once we’ve figured out which items are reusable, we recycle your junk based on materials they are made from. For example, not all plastics are made of same material; hence, one should be treated differently than the other.
Instead of throwing junk directly to landfills, we make sure that more than half of them are repurposed so they would have better purpose other than harming the environment.
Biodegradable wastes such as food leftovers, yard debris, plant trimmings, and solid paper byproducts are segregated and put to composting. Once decomposed, they break down into fine particles, which can be used as fertilizers for plants.
We know for a fact that some damaged items can still be good with minor repair.

That said, we set apart repairable stuff, fix them, and then donate them to local charities. This way, we could give back to the community while preventing junk from piling up in landfill sites.

Some people may look at piles of trash as clutter; but for us at 1844JunkRat, we see piles of potentially valuable articles. The more we keep this commitment, the more proud we get in knowing that more completed jobs mean much greener environment.

Save our landfills. Protect the environment. Call the Rats at 1-844-JUNK-RAT or 1-844-586-5728!