Are you worried about old electronics, construction debris, carpeting and general junk removal in Southbury, Connecticut? Worrying about the problem will not do anything but calling a garbage disposal company to help you with junk pick up in Southbury will.

When looking for junk removal companies CT, you have to find one that knows the disposal laws in Connecticut. It’s also useful to work with a local company that knows Southbury garbage disposal guidelines well. While you just need one truck for junk removal, each type of garbage should not end up in one place. You can’t just choose one of those rubbish removal companies CT. You need to look for one that adheres to the laws and cares about doing things right.

1800 Junk could do all that for you. We have been in the business of junk removal for a long time, and we know the guidelines imposed by Connecticut and by Southbury. We will make your junk problems go away and provide expedient garage clean out CT services.

All the items we haul away will be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. We don’t want harmful chemicals leaking into the environment after all. We also provide carpet removal services in Southbury, Connecticut. We will leave your home with a clean floor and get rid of the tach strips, carpeting, and the padding. As for construction debris, our team in Connecticut will leave the area clean as well.

All the items you want gone will be inside our truck in no time, and our people will take care of the entire process. Where they end up depends on what the items are and if they are still useful. Some of your junk ends up with a new owner and the useless ones end up in the proper dumpsite.