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7 Things to Know When Planning For An Estate Clean out

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When Planning For An Estate Clean out

There are many reasons that lead to an estate clean out and they include; downsizing because of retirement or financial difficulties, divorce, death of a family member of foreclosure. In this regard, an estate clean out becomes a necessity in order to move houses. Also, you will require estate clean out if you are moving to a new city or town to take up a new job or job transfer. This is a sensitive process that often needs to be handled by an estate clean out company. Always ensure to pick a reputable and top rated establishment to handle this task on your behalf. Before the actual day comes, there are personal preparations you need to make.



Put aside all critical documents

Key documents such as title deeds, house documents, insurance policies, car registration documents, birth and travel

documents, insurance policy documents and bank statements should be kept in safe custody in a place you can easily remember. Doing this ensures you have a good idea where your important documents are after completing the estate clean out process. You can also opt to carry them yourself.


Check through everything

1-844-JUNK-RAT-PocketDuring occupation of the house, people tend to put things in the wrong places or forget something important at the most unexpected place such as in a coat pocket or desk drawer. Take time to check through all areas including high shelves, containers, drawers and pockets of clothes.






Give out some items to family and friends

Before an estate clean out, organize with your family members and see whether there are any items you would like to give out. Ask family members and friends to come visit a few days before the estate clean out and select items they would like to have.



Carefully keep photos and valuable items

1-844-JUNK-RAT-MemoriesItems such as photos and memorabilia should be put aside and stored in the same location. Gather together all your photos and sentimental items that are of little value to outsiders but important to you. Having these memories kept safely is critical especially for future generations as they get to see family members they never got to meet.






Sell or Donate Clothes and Other Items

Most clothes and old items have a little resale value unless they are vintage items. Before an estate clean out, you can put on sale old clothes as well as items you no longer need going forward. A garage sale or using a consignment shop can help you get rid of items. Alternatively, you can donate items to charity organizations.



Get an estate appraiser

1-844-JUNK-RAT-AppraisalIf you have a lot of items of value that you need to dispose, consider hiring an estate appraiser who will come in carry out valuation to determine the value of your  items. With this information, you can now make plans of how to sell your items.




Seek help1-844-JUNK-RAT-maximum-cleaning

An estate clean out is tiring, time consuming and overwhelming. You can get physically and emotionally stressed with all that is going on at this time. To lessen the stress, contact a professional estate clean out company or have close family members offer you the support you may need at this time.

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