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Furniture Removal Tips To Help You Move Your Furniture Without Stress

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Furniture Removal Tips To Help You Move Your Furniture Without Stress



Furniture is among the most tricky items to remove because furniture is often bulky and fragile. While it is advised to get a professional furniture removal company to do the job, there are also great DIY tips that can help you remove furniture safely without damaging anything or endangering your health. There are many reasons that compel us to remove furniture such as replacing old or broken furniture as well as simply wanting to upgrade to newer pieces.

The following are great tips that will help you move your furniture whether its from one part of the house to another or to a location outside your home.



Disconnect Devices From Electric Sockets1-844-JUNK-RAT-DISCONNECT

In most cases, furniture is usually located close to electric sockets and sometimes there are wires for electrical devices passing close to or under your furniture. Before beginning to remove any furniture, disconnect all devices from an electrical socket. This will make it easier to move furniture without interfering with the wiring connected to various sockets around the house.


Plan In Advance



Before moving furniture, always plan your move in advance. This includes removing any items from cabinets as well as trying to estimate the weight of the furniture to be moved. If it’s too heavy, you probably will need a professional furniture remover or sufficient labor assistance from your family and friends. Knowing this information in advance will help you to effectively plan your move.




Move Pets To A Safe Location

Before moving your furniture, pets should be moved to a safe room or location to prevent them from getting injured during the process. When moving furniture, you may not see your pets on the way so it’s a great idea to get them off the route to be used for moving your furniture.


Secure Your Children

1-844-JUNK-RAT-Children-Secure-PlaceIf you have kids in the house, make arrangements to have a baby sitter come in on the day of moving furniture. Alternatively, you could take your child to a day care center or leave them with a family member or friend. Furniture moving comes with a lot of hazards and it’s better to get children out of the way to avoid them getting injured.





Take Measurements

Have your doors, corridors and driveways measured in advance to enable you come up with the best route to remove your furniture. Get more clearance around the cabinets to prevent damaging walls and doors when moving furniture.


Clear the Way


Ensure trip-hazards such as mats and toys are removed from the way put in a specific location or stored in boxes. Doing this is important as you would want to have a clear way to facilitate smooth movement.





Buy Protection Gear

Do not try to lift heavy furniture without having protective clothing as you could end up getting injured in the process. You can invest in back protection gear, gloves, knee caps and steel capped boots just in case an heavy item falls on your feet.

Have a Priority Box

1-844-junk-rat-priority-boxThis box should be used to keep essential items related to the furniture such as bolts and screws which if not properly handled, can easily get lost. A priority box ensures you do not misplace sensitive items.

The above are simple measures you can take to prepare yourself for DIY furniture removal. This ensures the entire move will be smooth and devoid of stress.

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