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How to Dispose Of Household Appliances

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How to dispose of household appliances

There are many household appliances that we tend to throw away once they become overused, out of date or broken. Unfortunately, a lot of these items once thrown can be dangerous to both the environment and ourselves. There seems to be a thin line between what can be recycled, what can be thrown away and what can be hazardous if cast out. So here is how to safely dispose of your household appliances.

What is appliance disposal?

This is the act of removing household waste and dismantling it in a safe environment with the aim to break down their parts of later re use. This can sometimes make them into valuable resources.

Do all appliance needs to be recycled?

The simple answer to that is no. It needs to be said that if your appliance isn’t broken and you are just bored/tired of it and want a new one then you should definitely try to find it a new home. You can take them to charity shops for them to be re sold or give them to a friend/family member in need. However, if the item is broken then since 2007 it has been said that waste electrical and electronic equipment needs to be recycled!

What items can I recycle?

Almost all appliances can be recycled.

From large appliances like:

  • Refrigerators
  • Microwaves
  • Dishwashers
  • and washing machines

To smaller household items like:

  • Toasters
  • Kettles
  • Vacuum Cleaners

This is just a small list but there are many many more things that can be recycled from the home. The important thing to remember here however, is that 1844JunkRat.com have teams of people who are qualified and able to take absolutely any appliance that you wish to be disposed of. They will then sort through and decide how to properly dispose of the items.

How do I know if I can recycle an appliance?

There are 3 simple questions to ask yourself when trying to determine whether an appliance can be recycled:

  1. Does it have a plug?
  2. Does it have a charger?
  3. Does it use batteries?

If the answer to any of the above 3 questions is ‘yes’ then the item in question can in fact be recycled.

Why should I use a company to dispose of appliances?

It makes your life much easier! There are companies set up who will come to your house remove the item and clean up after. With no extra hassle to yourself. Which also helps in persuading you to not throw the appliances in the trash where they could remain harmful to the environment.

If I want to dispose of some appliance in New Jersey who can I contact?

Appliance disposal in NJ (New Jersey) is made nice and easy by having access to removal companies that can specialize in the removal of your goods like 1844JunkRat.com. With specialized teams of people that are fully trained in lifting, loading and sweeping they will get the appliances out as soon as possible and leave the area nice and clean. Just book your appointment now!

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