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How to Reduce Waste When You Move

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The day of your move is fast approaching. Now, it’s your job to sort everything out and decide which items to keep. Reducing waste from your valuables can make moving much easier. Aside from getting garbage removal service, here are a few tips that should help you in reducing waste:

  1. Avoid buying new boxes. A few weeks before moving schedule, gather a few used boxes or ask a local business to spare some shipping boxes for you.
  2. Use recycled packing wrappers. You don’t need to buy new packing sheets for your valuables. Just use old newspapers, old t-shirts, or old towels. After your move, you can donate old towels to local shelter for animals. These can be used as crate covers for kittens and puppies.
  3. Store clothing and linens in suitcases or duffel bags. If you already have any of these, you may use one to pack your large garments such as bedsheets, linens, and outfits. This will save not only boxes, but also space.
  4. Sort out your things thoroughly before packing. Go back through your things. You might find items that you don’t need any more such as outgrown clothes, defective electronics, or others.
  5. Put your items in a garage sale. Your pre-loved items can find a new home through this method. And, you get to earn extra money as well. If there are unsold items left, consider donating them to local charities. Some centers pick up your items right from your doorstep and usually do this for free.

With these simple tips, your move should be smooth and hassle-free. In addition, you can help those in need through donation and reduce waste from the environment as well.

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