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NJ Storage Unit Clean out

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Where does my junk go after removal?

We recycle or donate as much of the junk as possible. All other junk is broken down and taken to New Jersey approved landfills. Junk Rats is approved by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for proper waste disposal: NJDEP #34094


We do all the labor!

Nowadays, there are many New Jersey junk removal companies that offer various kinds of services. Given the kind of work associated with junk pick up nj services, it’s advisable to find a reputable and professional NJ junk removal company that deploys sufficient staff and tools to complete the entire job. Many New Jersey residents and entrepreneurs have busy lifestyles and therefore, require dedicated and focused junk pick up companies in NJ to do the work themselves. Since JUNK-RATS establishment, we’ve always been at the forefront of offering exceptional services to New Jersey.


No hidden fees, Just a flat rate!!!

We won’t surprise you with any numbers at any time during the process. You will only be charged the price we give you plus New Jersey required tax, that’s it. If you reach a certain price limit and don’t want to go passed it, we will just stop filling up the truck and end the job there. Most reliable and trustworthy junk removal you can find in NJ!.

For Surefire Storage Clean Out in NJ Trust Only JUNK-RATS

1-844-JUNK-RAT-BoxYour storage unit is your best friend for keeping stuff that matters most. However, when it becomes too crowded with clutter, you would want a reliable ally to help your with the cleaning. With regards to storage unit clean out in New Jersey, JUNK-RATS is definitely the way to go.

JUNK-RATS is a local junk removal company that offers storage unit clean out n New Jersey that’s within your reach. We don’t offer extremely high rates. In fact, the fees you’re bound to pay is 25% lower than other providers.

Our team is composed of professional junk haulers who have been trained and exposed to the toughest cleanings jobs there is. We don’t want you to sweat and lift a finger, so we will do all the lifting and loading ourselves.

If you want to book today, simply call (908) 402-7135. You may also book conveniently online by going to Plus, you can get $20 off on fees!

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JUNK-RATS offers local junk removal service in New Jersey that’s affordable, fast, and thorough.







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