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Yard Waste Removal
Full Yard Waste Removal in New Jersey Through 1-844-JUNK-RAT

Removing yard waste can be cumbersome, especially if you need to deal with them every single day. We, at 1-844-JUNK-RAT, doesn’t want you feeling frustrated and stressed over junk. If you don’t have much time for it, leave it up to us and we’ll accomplish the yard waste removal in New Jersey with utmost enthusiasm and efficiency.

1-844-JUNK-RAT is a local junk removal company that focuses on your needs and welfare of the environment. Our professional crews get the job done within the day or the next, and can handle even the toughest and biggest yard waste removal jobs in New Jersey. You don’t even have to lift a finger – we’ll lift and load everything into our spacious 15-cubic yard truck.

We care for the environment as much as you do. This is why we reduce and recycle and after that, we donate the finished products to local charities. We also give you more value for money, offering rates for yard waste removal in New Jersey that are 25% cheaper than others.

We’d love to hear from you. Contact us today via 1-844-JUNK-RAT or 1-844-586-5728. You may also go online and visit 1844junkrat.com. If you book online, we’ll give you an instant $20 discount!

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When seeking for local junk removal service in New Jersey, 1-844-JUNK-RAT is the name to rely on.

How it Works - 3 easy steps!

Step 1. Request a free estimate and get upfront prices!
Just give 1-844-JUNK-RAT a call. Based on the description you give us, we'll be able to give you a rough estimate over the phone. You can also schedule an appointment for one of our uniformed trained professionals to come to you and give you a FREE estimate. Our trained professionals will see all items which need to be removed. Based on how much space your junk will take up in our truck, we will provide you with a flat rate that includes all dumping & labor fees. No hidden fees to be sprung last-minute!

Step 2. 1-844-JUNK-RAT provides easy removal process
Whenever possible, we offer same day or next day junk removal in NJ or NY.
While you sit back and relax, we will haul everything to our truck, and do a clean sweep to remove all traces the junk was even there! Just point and we will do the rest!

Step 3. 1-844-JUNK-RAT provides responsible Disposal
1-844-JUNK-RAT operates with extreme respect, not just for your home and place of business, but for our environment too. Whenever possible, we donate any reusable items and/or recycle. Junk Rat is always looking at ways to prevent materials from going to a landfill and damaging our environment. Read more about our Responsible Junk Disposal here.

1-844-JUNK-RAT guarantees we have the lowest price in the market!!!

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About 1-844-JUNK-RAT

  • Family-owned and operated junk pickup in NJ 1-844-JUNK-RAT has been a family-owned business since 1997. 1-844-JUNK-RAT's friendly uniformed team is trained to be efficient and considerate. Our trash removal company in NJ is also affiliated with the Minority Business Enterprises.
  • 1-844-Junk-Rat donates? Yes they do!!! 1-844-JUNK-RAT donates to different nonprofit organizations and churches. We will not let that good furniture, clothing or shoes go to the trash. One specific place we love to donate is a church in Newark. They do garage sales and with the proceeds support missionaries and orphanages overseas. We feel great helping others!
  • Before you consider another New Jersey junk removal company, consider doing business with a junk pick up company that cares about others in need. We sometimes have a lot and don't realize that just a little pair of shoes will put a smile on a kid's face. Beyond what we do to try to donate as much as we can, 1-844-JUNK-RAT also donates 10% of its net profit to a local church.
  • Same day junk pickup and trash removal with 1-844-JUNK-RAT? You got it! If there are enough hours in the day to do a thorough junk removal and cleanout, we're on it! If for any reason we are not able to do same day pickup, we are surely to accommodate you for a next day pickup.
  • 1-844-Junk-Rat has free estimates! No obligation. Have some rubbish you want to remove, but don't need an expensive and unsightly roll off dumpster in your front yard? Call 1-844-Junk-Rat today for a free estimate. As part of our junk pickup NY services, we will pick up your junk and debris and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. Get your free estimate!

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