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You Should Replace Your Carpet If You Notice Any of The Following Signs

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You Should Replace Your Carpet If You Notice Any of The Following Signs


1-844-JUNK-REMOVAL-Carpert-removalIt doesn’t matter what kind of quality your carpet is or how much you bought it for. A time comes when you need to begin contemplating replacing your carpet. Even the most cleanest and careful homeowners have to at one time think about getting rid of a carpet and bringing in a new one. Carpets have a 5-15 year lifespan, but the period a carpet will last depends on how you use and maintain it. Carpets in hallways tend to get worn out faster than those in rooms or areas that are not commonly visited. In addition, carpets in houses with large families tend to wear out faster compared to those in small families.

So, what are the signs you should look out for that should compel you to replace your carpet? While some signs can be easily spotted, there are others that require closer examination.



Presence of Stains

If you realize your carpet has multiple visible stains, it may be time to think about replacing your carpets. The more a carpet becomes old, the more susceptible it becomes to stains. DIY stain removers can times fail to eliminate stains and in some cases, may cause the stain to be harder to remove.




1844-Junkrat-carpet-MattingThe type of material used to manufacture a carpet depends on how quickly your carpet develops matts. While polyester carpets have a great feel, they are weak to resist matting. In fact, when a polyester carpet matts down, there is very little you can do to restore the carpet’s condition. Carpets especially those in heavy foot traffic areas can also not be restored. When replacing your carpet, ensure to invest in one that has the right qualities to withstand heavy foot traffic.




Mold On Your Carpet

Substances such as vomit, pet urine and water destroy your carpet as there is a buildup of bacteria under your carpet. While most of these stains can be removed, having too many of them in long run will destroy your carpet and you will have to replace it because of a buildup of mold. When your carpet is in a damp environment, in wet basements or is damaged because of flooding, chances are high molding will occur. Mold can be identified by a musty smell or an increase in allergies in your home. Should your carpet come into contact with any liquids, mold is likely to occur. Considering the health dangers associated with having mold on your carpet, it’s time to think about carpet removal.


Worn Out Carpet Padding

1844-junkrat-carpet-paddingA carpet padding is a layer under your carpet that ensures your carpet is comfortable to walk and sit on. It can be compared to a pillow and also helps to insulate the floor and absorbs noise to keep rooms quiet. When your carpet becomes old or worn out, the padding weakens. The best way to know your carpet padding is worn out is when you realize it’s uneven, makes crinkle sounds or has wrinkles.




Bad Odor

If you notice a foul smell from your carpet, it is an indication that your carpet requires to be thoroughly cleaned. However, if your carpet still smells after deep cleaning it, the odor has penetrated deep into the carpet fibers so you need to make plans to get rid of your carpet.



Bad Appearance

1844-Junkrat-carpet-Bad AppearanceWhen you use your carpet for a long period of time, it begins to lose its charm and beauty. You don’t need to keep a carpet that doesn’t look good anymore; the best thing is to get it out and invest in a new carpet. Old and worn out carpets are embarrassing as they compromise the look for your house.

If you notice one or more of the above mentioned signs, get in touch with a reputable carpet removal company to help you out.

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