What You Need to Know About Hot Tub Removal

A new hot tub is a dream to most homeowners. However, removing an old, damaged one is a completely different story. Many people are facing this problem recently. If you’re one of them, you might have a lot of questions in mind. Should you get a trash removal NJ service? Or can you do it on your own? Find the answers below. Hot tubs offer relaxation after a long tiring day at work or gym. However, it’s not relaxing thinking … Read More

How to Reduce Waste When You Move

The day of your move is fast approaching. Now, it’s your job to sort everything out and decide which items to keep. Reducing waste from your valuables can make moving much easier. Aside from getting garbage removal service, here are a few tips that should help you in reducing waste: Avoid buying new boxes. A few weeks before moving schedule, gather a few used boxes or ask a local business to spare some shipping boxes for you. Use recycled packing … Read More

How to Dispose of Electronic Waste

One of the biggest problems people face today is electronic waste disposal. Aside from being cumbersome, decomposition of electronic materials is a very, very long process. Whether it is a cellphone, a TV, a laptop, or personal computer, it usually ends up at the landfills. But aside from hiring a reputable garbage removal NJ specialist, there are ways that you can use to reduce electronics at home, without actually tossing them into a garbage truck.    Donate. One of the surefire … Read More

1844JUNKRAT Is Now Open for Business in New York

1844JUNKRAT, a family-owned, full-service junk removal company, has just announced that they are extending their services for homes and businesses around the cities of New York. The company was established 1997, with their operations focused previously on New Jersey. “1844JUNKRAT NY is more than just a junk removal company. We engage in responsible junk removal. We go the extra mile, reducing as much junk as we can from going to the landfills. We recycle electronic devices, plastic items, and other … Read More

How to Find a Good Furniture Removal Company

Moving to a new home can be a stressful task. The stress gets even worse if you hire a bad furniture removal NJ provider. Not only stress, a faulty remover can make more mess than eliminate them. To avoid this situation, finding a good removal company is crucial. Dig online for customer feedback. A good furniture removal NJ company has positive feedback from satisfied clients in the past. Most of the time, ratings are posted in directory websites. You can … Read More

5 Reasons to Outsource Your Business Junk Removal NJ

Here’s a quick fact. Businesses, including yours, produce tons of junk every day. It is very easy to explain why no one wants to do it. Junk removal NJ is tiring and time-consuming. The best solution? Outsource junk removal and have professionals handle the job. Offices, food establishments, contact centers – any business can have piles of accumulated junk. Top reasons are renovation, relocation, or neglected waste management. Some businesses own a truck, but that alone is not enough. Handling … Read More