Do you have a Villas, NJ, location in need of junk removal services? If so, you’ve come to the right place! At Junk Rats, we provide clutter clean out, furniture removal, trash pic up, estate clean up, hoarder clean out, and other junk removal services.

We have twenty plus years of providing five-star junk pick up and junk removal services to Villas, NJ and the surrounding areas. Our crews are licensed, professional, insured, and each team member has the skills and expertise needed for any job.

Junk Rats can provide junk removal services for homes, apartments, condos, business offices, business complexes, estates, sheds, garages, storage units, and more. We can take just about anything you need removed! We can take:

– Furniture
– Gym Equipment
– Construction Debris
– Fencing Material
– Deck Material
– Shed Material
– Above Ground Pools
– And more!

When Junk Rats comes to your Villas, NJ, location, we bring our trucks and the number of people needed for your specific job. We do all the heavy lifting and loading, and we’ll leave your place looking tidy when we haul your stuff away.

After we drive away, we keep on working for you by donating any unwanted items that can still be used to a local charity. Then, we’ll break down junk and debris into recyclable parts and take it to a local recycling center. Finally, we’ll properly dispose of anything that remains. This is how we help keep our communities clean and green.

The best part is that when you hire Junk Rats for any junk removal service job, we only charge for the space your items take in our dumpster-style trucks. We’ll never charge for the time it takes or the labor required.

Get started by calling for your free junk removal services estimate!