There are various reasons why you would want to get rid of your deck. For starters, it may be because you want to replace the old deck with a new one or put a concrete slab. Whichever the case is, you need a professional deck removal company to assist you with this task. We’re a top deck removal service with an excellent reputation among residents. We’ve been in the industry for long and have obtained extensive experience thanks to working on diverse projects. No deck demolition project is too big for us. We can comfortably remove various types of decks irrespective of the materials used during construction.

Removing a deck on your own can be time consuming, stressful and cause a lot of discomfort due to the lack of skills, experience and equipment for the job. On the other hand, we have a diverse deck removal team with various backgrounds working together to carefully remove your deck. We offer the most affordable deck removal cost and for this reason, many clients enjoy using our services.

We have the latest state-of-the art tools and equipment to safely dismantle your deck with ease. Remember, extra caution is required when removing your deck to avoid damaging the rest of the house. As long as our deck removal team is on site, you can be assured that we’ll remove your deck without causing any damage or hassle. After removing a deck, we clean the area left behind and our junk pick up  crew will ensure any debris is hauled way and loaded onto the truck and transported for disposal or recycling.

All our disposal and recycling programs strictly cohere to local, State and federal regulations that promote environmental conservation. We’re a one stop deck removal service with an excellent track record and dedication service delivery.

Don’t suffer alone trying to remove your deck. Allow us to take care of your entire deck removal process. We cover a wide area of and regardless of where you live, we’ll surely come to your aid.

We all love decks because they offer a perfect place for us to relax and unwind. However various reasons may necessitate the need for their deck removal local. Instead of spending too much time and effort trying to remove a deck on your own, simply call us for the best deck removal service local. Some of the major reasons that may compel you to get rid of your deck include; wanting to replace it with a new one, demolishing to create space for house expansion or putting a concrete slab among other reasons. Regardless of the reason, allow our deck removal near you local team to come and help you execute the project.

1-844 Junk Rat is a local New Jersey company that specializes in deck removal LOCAL services. We have trained professionals to take apart the deck from top to bottom. Of course, by demolishing the structure, you also have to worry about carting off the junk. You can’t just leave trash lying around your New Jersey property. You also have to take care of disposing of the junk.

Fortunately, when you hire us, you don’t need to do anything as our deck removal LOCAL crew will take care of the entire project as you sit back and watch. We’re a top New Jersey deck demolition local company praised for its excellent reviews having served the industry for a long period of time. During the course of our work, we have had an opportunity to work on diverse small and large deck removal projects in New Jersey. There is no single deck demolition and removal local project that is too difficult for us to deal with.

Our deck removal local services believes in the need to keep the environment clean. For this reason, we organize to dispose and recycle items in accordance to the laid down New Jersey regulations.

When it comes to deck demolition, it would be easier to hire the right people to help you with the project.

What sets us apart is how efficient our deck removal local services are. Our New Jersey crew will do the task without complaints, and they will do their task without complaints. Hauling all the items from the demolished structure is also part of the deck removal local services we provide. Leave all the carrying to our crew. All you have to do is point out where the structure that requires demolishing is.

Here at Junk Rat, we are not just concerned with providing the fastest deck demolition local services to our clients, we also care about what happens to the junk. Right after we haul all the items into our truck. We will make a stop at a New Jersey recycling facility.

Our friendly, uniformed team is highly experienced and is capable of demolishing your deck in the shortest time possible. It doesn’t matter the kind of materials you used to build your New Jersey deck, we have the latest deck removal local equipment and tools to deal with any kind of deck. During the removal, we adhere to the highest standards of workmanship and safety to avoid causing any type of damage to any other part of your house and/or property.



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