Do you have a sofa that is old and broken that needs to be removed from your home or business? At 1-844-JUNK-RAT, we have a professional sofa removal service tailored for your needs. We’ve successfully handled numerous sofa disposal projects for various clients across. It doesn’t matter how many sofas you have, we will get the job done professionally and to your satisfaction. Irrespective of the size and weight of a sofa, our old sofa removal team will help you to safely remove all the sofas that you no longer need. Don’t worry about the sofa’s location, whether it is up 4 flights of stairs or down in the basement, our experts will deliver an exceptional furniture removal service.

Some of the common sofas we remove include; couches, recliners, lounge chairs, love seats (two-seater), sofa bed, and office sofas among others. After we’ve removed the furniture, our sofa removal team will haul away your sofa to our trucks, ready for transportation. Depending on the condition of your sofa, our couch removal program can dispose, recycle, or donate to charity organizations around. As a leading sofa pick up firm, you can trust our services due to the fact that we’ve been serving domestic and commercial clients for a long period of time. Our company is fully licensed and insured. We also emphasize on Eco-friendly disposal methodologies for household appliances.

We can remove both residential sofas as well as sofas from large office premises. Our sofa removal prices are affordable and you can be guaranteed that we’re always a call away. Our technicians work carefully in order to minimize disruption to your normal activities. If you’re very busy, our sofa removal team can perform the removal while you are away.

If you have a sofa that needs to be removed from your house or business, you need to call a sofa removal local company to help you out. Unlike removing small pieces of trash, sofas are large and bulky so removing them is not an easy affair. At 1-844-Junk-Rat, we offer the best old sofa removal local service, a task we’ve been doing for the last several years serving the New Jersey market. Our reputation speaks for itself as we have successfully dealt with many couch removal local projects for both New Jersey residents and businesses.

You shouldn’t worry about the number of sofas in your possession that need to be disposed, our furniture removal local team is well-equipped and trained to handle any kind of job. Regardless of the weight and size of your sofa, we’ll safely and efficiently get rid of any sofas that you don’t require. Whether your sofa is in a high-rise apartment, attic or deep down in the basement, our experts will do exactly what you want.

We do sofa removal local for different kinds of sofas such as lounge chairs, sofa bed, couches, love seats and recliners among others. After we complete removing the sofa, our New Jersey specialists will take over and move the items to our truck for transportation. Should your sofa be in good condition after sofa removal local, our donation pick up local department will facilitate donation to a local charity of your choice. Our company is fully registered, licensed and insured to serve the entire New Jersey region. In order to conserve the environment, we see to it that all our sofa removal local processes comply with local, state and federal regulations.

Don’t be alarmed about prices because we offer cheap sofa removal local to ensure anyone in New Jersey can benefit from our expertise and professionalism. We follow a structured process to in order to cause as minimal disruption as possible. Are you looking for a top-rated sofa removal local company? You’ve come to the right place.

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