There comes a time where you no longer need to use your washer and dryer. Probably because it’s spoilt has become too old or you simply need a new one. We offer a superb washer and dryer pick up service allowing you to comfortably get rid of your washer and dryer. Through our appliance disposal program, we’ve helped numerous households to get rid of their home appliances using the appropriate and legally recognized techniques. Our washer and dryer pick up team is well trained and experienced to handle any type of dryer pick up services. We’re highly reputable and our clients have stayed with us for long thanks to our professionalism and eco-friendly waste disposal approaches.

We’re passionate about the environment and for this reason, all our appliance removal projects are done in accordance to the laid down regulations. Depending on the condition of your washer and dryer, we can dispose it, recycle, or donate to charity organizations around. We have partnerships with local recycling companies. Therefore, we ensure items from your washer and dryer pick up are disposed and recycled in accordance to local, state and federal regulations.

Should you have an urgent request, we have a same-day service that allows our old washer pick up team to come to your house within a few hours after your request. Our washer and dryer pick up prices are affordable and so you don’t have to worry about paying too much. We offer you value for money and only issue a quote after we’ve come to the site and seen the washer and dryer to be removed.

Our appliance picks up service will get your washer and dryer regardless of where you’ve kept it. If it’s upstairs or down in the basement, we’ll remove it safely without damaging your other items.

If you’re in need of professionals to offer washer and dryer pick up services, look no further. Our team will promptly attend to your needs.

Most households in New Jersey rely on a washer and dryer to simplify their cleaning needs and make work easier. However, what happens when your machine becomes old or malfunctions? Instead of keeping appliances you no longer need, 1-844-Junk-Rat offers an appliance removal local service that covers the entire New Jersey state. We help you conveniently and comfortably dispose you washer and dryer because if left in the house, it will take up much of your space. Thanks to our washer and dryer pick up local, numerous clients have immensely benefited from our old washer pick up local service.

All our disposal and recycling processes are legit and comply with regulations so you can be assured we’ll do a good job. Our team has extensive experience to handle any kind of project that comes our way. As a top-rated appliance pick up local company, our customers fully believe in our capabilities and excellent level of service delivery. Our washer and dryer pick up local team is only a phone call away so you can get in touch with us at any time for quick junk removal local services.

If your washer and dryer is still in a perfect working condition, we can organize to donate to New Jersey charity organizations and make an impact in the society. In our quest to keep a clean environment, all our appliance disposal local mechanisms conform to an e-cofriendly approach of recycling. If your washer and dryer cannot be fixed or reused again, we take it for recycling since we have partnerships with local recycling companies in New Jersey.

Our biggest advantage is our washer and dryer pick up local services are affordable. You don’t need to save up or break the bank to get rid of your old washer and dryer, we have the best rates in New Jersey. We’ll only give you a no obligation quote after we’ve seen the washer and dryer. Don’t worry about where your washer and dryer are located, our washer and dryer pick up local team will safely remove it and move it to our trucks.

If you’re looking for a top washer and dryer pick up local company that you won’t disappoint, you’ve come to the right place. Give us a call today and let us be of help.

Upgrading to better appliances is always one of the items on anyone’s to-do list. Having a non-functional washer, for instance, makes it necessary to upgrade to a better model. However, this also leads to one problem – hiring appliance removal local services.


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